Please note that the port's guest facilities, including toilets, are closed for the winter from November 1st.

Welcome to Langelinie Harbour - one of the most beautiful pleasure yacht harbours in Denmark

The Langelinie Harbour is located next to The Little Mermaid and a pretty two kilometer walk path south to the center of Copenhagen. See
The harbour has about 100 boat docks for club members and guests. When the boat docks are marked with a green sign on the bridge they are available to guests for a fee. If the sign on the bridge is red, the boat dock is occupied by a member. 

Payment for harbour fee, electricity and access to toilet/shower to be made in TallyWeb here. Your payment card must be set up for net payment. Payment must be made within one hour after arrival. The day you want to leave the port, you must be out from the boat dock before 14:00 (2 PM). You can stay in the harbour for a maximum of five nights unless you make a special agreement with the harbour committee.

Langelinie Harbour is safe and calm in all wind directions. Notice that you must place your boat with bow towards the quay and aft towards the mooring buoy. You must only use one mooring buoy per boat. Maximum boat length is 16,2 meters / 54' feet.

Phone number during opening hours (see front page) for the harbour master is +45 2744 7545.  

We wish you a pleasant stay.

 Important information about entry to Copenhagen  harbour.

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Prices for guests:

Width in meters14:00 -> 14:00Price per day
 Below 2,50
200,00 DKK
2,50 - 3,50 280,00 DKK
3,51 - 4,00
385,00 DKK
4,01 - 4,50
495,00 DKK
4,51 – 5,50
595,00 DKK
 Above 5,50
725,00 DKK

Exchange rate Danish Krone to EURO is about 7,45DKK to 1,00EUR
Please note! Payment can only take place with a card. We do not accept cash. 
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